Jill & Joey

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

No pregnant woman can live without a pregnancy pillow. When collaborating with pregnant women to design the perfect pillow, we quickly learned that you care about firmness but also like soft material. We also heard you when you said that size is important but you don't want to comprise on support. And since you're not supposed to carry heavy things around, portability is key too. We are confident that our pregnancy wedge pillow is the best one on the market and will be your best friend during your pregnancy.


  • The Jill & Joey pregnancy wedge pillow can reduce pregnancy pain in your hips, pelvis and lower back as well as swelling (edema) in your legs, feet and hands.

  • Our memory foam pillow has a firm and soft side so you can choose your desired amount of support for maximum comfort.

  • We use the highest quality foam to ensure that the pillow does not overheat so that you remain nice and cool. The foam is made out of polyurethane and contains no BPA, PVC or Phthalates. 

  • The super soft cover is machine washable and can be removed by using the zipper. We strategically placed it on the side of the pillow so that it does not poke your belly.

  • Our pillow comes in a handy travel bag because we know that most of you expecting mothers are active and move about a lot. Take it with you so you get the support you need anywhere, anytime.

  • Your pregnancy is temporary, but your pillow will stick around to provide you with support even after you had your baby.



It’s hard to imagine any other baby animal being more snug than a baby kangaroo hanging out in its mother’s warm pouch. Female kangaroos are often referred to as Jill whereas baby kangaroos are called Joey. We want all of our customers, both mothers and babies, to be as comfortable as Jill & Joey.

Unhappy? We offer a 30 day 'No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee'.

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